The Beginnings of a Homelab

Months in the making, I can finally say I’ve replaced my previous set up, detailed in Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi, with a Kubernetes cluster! The cluster looks like this:

Role Relevant Specification
Master Intel i5-4690 CPU
Worker rPi 3B+
Worker rPi 3B+
Worker rPi 3B+

with the Master node running Parabola GNU/Linux (LTS kernel), and the Raspberry Pis running Arch Linux ARM.

The Kubernetes distribution I’m using is k3s, which is specifically designed to be lightweight (perfect for the Raspberry Pis and the general low load the cluster will be at). I’m currently hosting a few services (including a Gitea instance along with a Nextcloud instance complete with Collabora integration), and all the setups are made up of a PostgreSQL database (bitnami PostgreSQL helm chart), along, in the case of Nextcloud, its Helm chart, or a manual deployment/service in the case of the others. This is all linked together with my Ingress controller, for which I’m using nginx. This acts as a reverse proxy for my different services, and allows me to easily manage hosting multiple services on the same network.

Hopefully I’ll get to write in more depth about this in the future, but for now, you can check out my Gitea instance, which should become my main online code-repository at some point soon!