New website

I've been growing increasingly disillusioned with the web. The reasons why are worth their own post, but for now I've written a short breakdown of my new website.


Rather than learning a new framework or the intricacies of a static-site generator, this site is now written in HTML & CSS. Not having to rely on a runtime to generate my website is just one example of how this gives me more control and flexibility. There is no JavaScript here either, and this all makes for a tiny website: pages are around 2kB. The benefits of this are more than just the philosophical: with all else equal, this site loads much faster than before. It's also compatible with more browsers, such as text-based terminal browsers. I haven't scarified functionality, either — the site remains responsive, and it respects a visitor's dark mode setting.

Some of the websites that inspired me:

Site philosophy

I'll write more about this in the future, but the web isn't the hypermedia system of my dreams and I won't treat it as such. For now, this means I'm going to keep in-line links to a minimum, including images and video. In my experience, these serve as distractions from the content.

In addition, I've changed the site layout. Previously, all posts could be found under /posts, but now they're sorted by the date they were published.

Hosting & building

Coming from GitLab Pages, GitHub got its counterpart to GitLab's .gitlab_ci.yml relatively recently, in the form of GitHub Actions. GitHub Pages also lets you specify the branch to serve the website from. Putting these together, the workflow for my website looks like the following:


I've been curious about a commenting system for some time, but even the most lightweight options I've found (such as Isso or Remark42) would increase the site's size by several orders of magnitude. This is seemingly an inherent limitation. Drew DeVault's approach — namely, using email and a public inbox — is probably ideal, but I'm not an email power-user just yet.

Finally, I'm also thinking about hosting a Gemini site at some point. Watch this space! (It's almost empty, but you can now check it out here!)